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The city needs to stop buffing walls that have good murals on it. Hopefully they learn their lesson.

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The Black Keys

Ever hear a band that you think it terrible, but later end up falling in love?
Well, that’s pretty much how The Black Keys were for me.
Haven’t gone a day without listening to them in a very long time.

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An Incredibly Quick Message About Religion

Bored American Tribune.

Thank you.

When you Americans landed on the moon, that was the point when God should have come up and said ‘hello.’ Because if you invent some creatures and you put them on the blue one and they make it to the grey one, then you fucking turn up and say, ‘Well done.’ It’s just a polite thing to do.

Eddie Izzard

Woooooooooord. Discuss amongst yourselves — and gooooood afternoon.

Jackson Williams.

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i’m ready to play “grown up” now and I feel that nobody else really is. 

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Over the time I have realized that I have a very odd way of dealing with my problems and apologizing for things that I feel I may have done wrong.
For one, when I have a problem with somebody I usually won’t be able to tell them, either I am afraid, I don’t know how to say it, or as being a human I expect them to know what is wrong. Or in some cases I am upset with somebody for no apparent reason. 
I can get upset with people for some pretty ridiculous reasons, mostly if they effect my schedule or plans for that day in anyway. I like to have a plan for most things, wake up early, make coffee and listen to music while I get ready, then carry out whatever I was wishing to do that day. I can’t seem to get away from my worry of running out of time. It seems that if people aren’t up and ready to carry out our plans by 10:00 – 11:00 am I get frustrated and just want to give up setting me into a terrible mood for the rest of the day. I wish I could find a place in my mind where I don’t have to rush and I can just go with the flow. 

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I have been wanting to go to the library for so long, but it seems I never really have time for anything that I would like to do. 
Well, between two jobs, my mother, and a boyfriend. 
I’ve lost all of my friends and now I really only have enough time to browse the internet since it’s right in front of me. 
My 2nd job will be closing until January, so I hope that will be able to make a little bit of time for me. 
But still, I just never really feel that I can get space to myself and actually focus on making me happy and doing whatever I feel that I need and want to do. 
I refuse to tell others around me about my problems because knowing them, they would end up getting angry about my feelings, and tell me that I can do whatever I want. But then also beg for my attention the next day again as it has happened before. 

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Ugh, I love my boyfriend to death.
But whenever he spends the night he sleeps in for so long and I just have no idea what to do with myself.
If I don’t have work I still wake myself up and nice and start my day.
I just can’t sleep in.I don’t do it.

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